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Achieve your English language goals with Oxford International and get the chance to specialize in our elective classes with affordable tuition fees, including Business English, Confidential Speaking, or English for Academic Purposes. 

Easy Access and Flexible Schedule

✔️ Flexible schedule with full-time and part-time courses. Additionally, we offer evening classes to provide further flexibility for those with busy schedules.
✔️ 24/7 access to our Virtual Learning Campus (VLC).
✔️ Nestled within the Mercy University Manhattan campus, our school offers easy accessibility to public transportation and only a short walk to iconic landmarks, including Macy's and Rockefeller Center.
✔️ Meet students from all over the world.
✔️ Weekly excursions to some of the best tourist attractions in New York.
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Key Facts

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99% recommendation rate
Level A2 - C2
8 classrooms
Certified teachers

Available Courses

Lesson duration: 50 minutes

Course start date: every Monday


General English

Morning & Afternoon 18/20

The Morning and Afternoon Courses develop all aspects of language competence, including Speaking, Writing, Reading, and Listening skills, in a personalized program coordinated by the core teacher.

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Business English Elective

Afternoon & Evening

Our Business English curriculum combines the best in academic business knowledge with practice for everyday business situations, exploring areas such as entrepreneurship, marketing, HR and more. Levels B1 and above.

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Confident Speaking Elective

Afternoon & Evening

This class develops students’ fluency and listening skills through communicative practice and reinforcement. Students will discuss a range of trending and relevant topics. Presentations, project work and cooperative tasks are designed to develop confidence in spoken English. Levels A2 - B1.


Most Popular
5+ Weeks
4 Weeks
1-3 Weeks
*Fees per 12-week period: $200 enrolment & $95 materials. Offer valid only for students who are already in New York. 

Study English with Oxford International

Our experienced teachers provide personalized support and guidance every step of the way, helping you achieve your language learning goals, whether for academic pursuits, career advancement, or everyday communication. With personalized course materials designed specifically for your proficiency level, you'll enhance all aspects of English language proficiency during your learning journey with us.

Oxford International NYC is located on the campus of Mercy University Manhattan, right next to Herald Square in New York. This fantastic location offers students a bustling, diverse culture, vibrant entertainment scene, and thrilling nightlife.

47 West 34th Street, New York, NY (inside Mercy University - Manhattan)
+1 646-767-0081
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What Do Our Students Say?


I had a perfect time there! Oxford has the best teachers and staff, who have helped me improve my English and learn about new cultures. The location is excellent, near the subway, and has all the necessary facilities for studying. I really recommend the school!




Oxford is a very good school. The staff is very friendly and always willing to help. There are students from different countries so you will always speak English. The location is perfect, next to the subway, and the facilities are inside Mercy University, a beautiful building.




Teachers are creative in teaching and encourage students to participate in class.  They are supporting individual needs and goals by monitoring each student separately. They also share and explain your progress on the virtual campus, which helps you see yourself clearly.

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Oxford International New York City is licensed by The NY State Education Department and accredited by the Commission on English Language Program Accreditation (CEA).

NY State Education Department

At Oxford International NYC, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality education to F1 international students. We are authorized under federal law to enroll students with an F1 visa. If you are interested in transferring or changing your visa status from a B1/B2 visitor visa to an F1 student visa, we can assist you in obtaining the necessary I-20 documentation. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us so we can support you.

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Useful Information

US Visa Interview

If you have any questions about the US visa application, we’d encourage you to talk to a professional immigration expert. 

Oxford International has partnered with the Argo Visa Forge Dynamic. The company provides visa applicants with a one-to-one analysis of their case and then guides them with personalized visa interview strategies. If you need help preparing your visa interview, you can book a consultation with an Argo Visa Expert today.

International Student Insurance 

If you are searching for an insurance provider in the US, International Student Insurance could be a viable option. Multiple plans and levels are offered; the company has a plan for every international student's budget and needs. You can visit their website or download their brochure to learn more.


Oxford International New York City

 Address: 47 West 34th Street, New York, NY (inside Mercy University - Manhattan)

 Email: nyc@oxfordinternational.com

 Phone: +1 646-767-0081